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Multihelp Trust Orphanage, Zimbabwe – Water borehole installation

Multihelp Trust Orphanage is helping 30 orphaned children aged between 4 and 16 years in Harare, the capital of Zimbabwe.  Their current water borehole collapsed, so they’re using a temporary borehole which is not adequate enough.  Water is limited, their gardens have all dried up, and they’re relying solely on small donations and the generosity of 2 volunteer care mothers who look after the big family.

What needs to be done?

A new more substantial borehole is needed that will give them far better access to water allowing them to restart their gardening activities, allowing them to sell the produce and make the orphanage self sustaining.

Equipment needed:  40m borehole, solar powered water pump and a large water tank will allow them to irrigate the land and drastically increase the cycle of vegetable production.  The whole project is expected to cost around $6500, so please donate generously.  I’ll be stopping by the Orphanage on my route to Cape Town to help work on the installation.

Thanks for your support, and thanks to Bert and the team at ADRA UK/Zimbabwe for enabling this project.

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I first heard of Riders for Health when I attended the Horizons Unlimited overlanding event at Donington Park.  I was instantly inspired by their ingenious practical solutions to helping people in remote Africa.  Riders for Health believe people in rural Africa should not die simply because they cannot be reached. With our help they’re mobilising thousands of health workers with reliable and well maintained motorcycles so they can reach even the most remote communities, providing low-cost, high impact health care.  This work includes immunisation, health education, disease prevention and care, HIV/AIDS counselling and nutrition advice.

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